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16 June 2016. Thinkers in Residence at The Photographer’s Gallery.

Trevor Paglen has just won the prestigious Deutche-Borse photography prize for his photographs of what power seeks to keep invisible. Elizabeth Cotton interviews Sally Weintrobe about his work.

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18 Jan 2016. Resonance FM radio. The power of our social groups to promote disavowal of climate change.

Talk by Sally Weintrobe followed by discussion with Ulrike Grassinger, Andrew Conio and Rachel Gibbons. Introduced and chaired by David Morgan.


11 June 2015. Boston Radio Open Source. The Pope and the Planet.

Discussion of Pope Francis’s encyclical on climate change with Naomi Oreskes, Sally Weintrobe and Dorothy Boorse.


11 Feb 2015: Interview for New Books in Psychoanalysis with Richard Brouillette

“How up to date are you on the projected impact of climate change on human civilization in the next 100 years?  … listen to this interview with Sally Weintrobe, because she brings a much-needed, yet realistic sense of hope to what most people consider a dire picture.”


2013. Why is climate change so hard to face?

This video is of a talk to architects at the Sheffield School of Architecture, followed by a discussion by Renata Tyszczuk.


23 Sept 2013. Participant on Swedish television programme on climate change.

This hour long programme on climate change, produced by Jens Ergon, features Zigmunt Bauman, Sally Weintrobe and Kari Norgaard on our denial of its seriousness.


13 June 2013. BBC Radio 3. The Verb

…This week Ian McMillan examines the language of polemic with guests Hari Kunzru, Owen Jones, Matthew Elliott, Sally Weintrobe and John Kinsella.…


23 Jan 2013. BBC Radio 4. Thinking Allowed.

…Climate change – what lies beneath its widespread denial? Laurie Taylor talks to Sally Weintrobe, editor of Engaging with Climate Change, and Paul Hoggett one of the contributors to the book.

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17 Oct 2012. BBC Radio 3. Night Waves.

Night Waves: Hanna Rosin, Hollywood Costume, Psychoanalysis and Climate Change, 1922
…Engaging with climate change is something the psychoanalytic community is attempting to do in a collection of essays edited by the psychoanalyst Sally Weintrobe – what is the

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