2016 valentine video watch video >

The Violin Player – 1st Prize 14-17 years  watch video >

A wonderful TED talk by Ian McCullum  watch video >

This video based on NASA satellite imagery transforms our picture of the earth into a complex dynamic living being.  watch video >

For a short funny video on breaking up with fossil fuels  watch video >

Proceedings of the two day Radical Reductions Emissions Conference: long, but fascinating  watch video >

Books and Articles

Naomi Klein (2015) This Changes Everything

Rob Nixon (2011) Slow Violence and the Environmentalism of the Poor

Clive Hamilton (2013) Earthmasters: The Dawn of the Age of Climate Engineering.

Ro Randall and Andy Brown (2014) In Time for Tomorrow

Chris Rapley (2015) 2071: The world we’ll leave our grandchildren


Climate Psychology Alliance  link >

Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything website  link >

Global movement to divest from fossil fuels  –link >

Good website on the science and the human science  link >